The Eisenhower Elementary School experience presents various opportunities for beginning. Kindergarten is a full day everyday program concentrating on academic and social development.

As students progress through the grades they are actively involved in planned programs in reading, math, science, social studies, and language arts. A 1:1 Chromebook plan provides an integrated learning system in reading and math with enrichment extending to writing experiences and algebra.

Specialists instruct children in art, PE, and music. Counseling lessons and an award-winning wellness program provides students with opportunities to learn to make positive and healthy lifestyle choices.

Special education services available include speech learning disabilities, early childhood, handicapped, educable mentally handicapped, behavior disordered, occupational therapy, physical therapy, adaptive physical education and gifted. Also available to the students are a school psychologist and a hearing impaired specialist, all provided by the North Central Kansas Special Education Cooperative.

The library, housing 12,000 volumes, is staffed with a full-time library staff. The pupil: teacher ratio is 11:1.